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Oo-roo is a Aboriginal term loosely meaning “see ya.” It has other meanings and usages but its use here is the “See ya” meaning.

Five previous novels #2 Molesworth Street, Under the Spider Tree, Slaughterhouse Creek, A Day Without Stars and Beyond the Black Stump have told the tales of four men who work together when conventional Intelligence methods might fail. Two work for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, one for Mi6 and one for Directorate of Military Intelligence (G2) in Ireland.  Stiúrthóireacht na Faisnéise
The books are subtitled “Life in the Shadows” which aptly describes how each character leads a double life.
Life in the Shadows” as we all had more than one “boss” while we lived in Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia. I’ve written these books for my friends who knocked around Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia working in service to their countries, families and friends. They know the stories.
I hope that others will enjoy the adventure and uniqueness of locations and characters.

This book tells the story of why the group dispersed. Their last adventure together is camouflaged within modern events, particularly the Brexit challenge presently impacting everyone in the UK, The Republic of Ireland and many countries around the world. As I told a friend who lives in Guatemala the action in “A Day Without Stars” happened, but it didn’t happen in Guatemala. Likewise with this book.





“Friends” is now available on iTunes

“The purpose of this book, available on iTunes, is to elicit public action in support of our environment and our fellow creatures. Hopefully, sharing the photos of many of our animal Friends, to a larger audience, will motivate some to make that call or make that donation to help protect our planet and its many inhabitants. These amazing creatures give Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. the impetus to speak up for them, our collective environment, and our shared habitat. Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. financially supports many organizations, causes, research, and volunteerism that directly impacts our animal friends and their daily lives. Click the following link  to order the book. http://tinyurl.com/yc5n8lz8
Education, preservation, conservation are the keys to protect all of our friends, including us, for future generations. Net proceeds from the sale of our books support the Advocacy work of Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. www.letkidsbekids.org
All photos were taken by the author.”

“Is There a Duck in the Hopper?”

This zany bit of writing, completed on 11 June 2016, is a birthday present to someone special. He saw a lot of the action outlined in the book.
Back before the internet, and before we got too old to know better, we pushed all the limits at every given opportunity.
This is a pretty graphic tale so if that kind of stuff bothers you I suggest you pass on reading it—
All the stories are true, but totally deniable at the same time. The way you want it when you look back – right?

Hopper cover

Author Blog Tour

I was introduced to this blog tour by Maureen Francisco, award-winning author of It Takes Moxie: Off The Boat, or Out Of School, To Making it You Way in America. The book is about living your potential and achieving your dreams.www.maureenfrancisco.com

The following are my responses to four questions each author will address during the “Blog Tour.”

bbs2   1) Beyond the Black Stump was completed in October of 2015.
As you will see on our company website Let Kids Be Kids , the Book link, I have written three books to share the challenges, the people, the humanity, solutions to many  ongoing challenges in our community.
Encouraged by the process and reception of my first book “View from the Tent” I was inspired to write “Ice” about people I have interacted with since 1989 who are fighting terminal disease. That led to writing “Trust Kids” which is the core of our belief that good things happen when we listen, honor and incorporate the ideas of young people.
I am constantly adding to the three books with articles, blog entries, public speaking. Due to the ease of updating “E Books’ I am considering adding chapters to the three books.
I am working on a fourth book addressing the the theme of loneliness to be called “Still Swinging.”

I just completed my fifth novel, “Beyond the Black Stump” telling further tales of three men I have had adventures with over the years. This story takes place in Northern Ireland after an alert is circulated about a possible attack on the royal family.
The novels are subtitled “Life in the Shadows” as we all had more than one “boss” while we lived in Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia. As I told a friend who lives in Guatemala the action in “A Day Without Stars” happened, but it didn’t happen in Guatemala. My target is those who were there with hopes that others will enjoy the adventure and uniqueness of locations and characters.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
The trilogy of books “Trust Kids”, “Ice”, and “View from the Tent” are unique in  style, presentation, reflection of the actual people living the stories. They are more than a narrative drawing the reader into the feelings of those experiencing homelessness, poverty, HIV/AIDS and trying to have a voice as a young person, when the paradigm rarely allows a young person the ability to create change. I have been very pleased by their acceptance and use in a number of schools as sources into the reality of those dealing with situations many of us don’t face on a regular basis.

The novels are our stories. Unique to our experiences, travels, loves, losses, mixed with a sense of adventure, humor and dedication to “doing the right” thing-

3) Why do I write what I do?
The trilogy of books were written to share, educate, illuminate the ongoing challenges many face in all of our communities. When I wrote “View from the Tent” I was fund raising to buy 100 cots to allow people living in a tent city the option to sleep on a cot versus a inverted milk crate. In order to solicit funds I told stories of people I met, interacted with, in communities that some are uncomfortable dealing with. I met a man who reluctantly began to interact with me by handing me notes. One thing led to another and I shared his story. It has helped many people see the humanity of many they pass by on the streets.
“Ice” is my tribute to many people I have met and dealt with who are in the fight of their lives. Many people don’t understand the obstacles, courage, grief, loss, loneliness, isolation and abandonment so many feel everyday. The book has helped educate people who may not be aware of the reality of many who are terminal. One Dr. told his class, in front of me, that he never knew the depth of what many people go through as they seek help with HIV/AIDS and other terminal disease.
“Trust Kids” is what i’ve been promoting since I was a kid. I’ve taught college, middle school, mentored, hired, organized “Kids” in ways that have allowed them to grow and find a strategy that gives them a true voice. These stories promote acceptance and a change in how most young people are dealt with in many communities.

4) How does your writing process work?
I find that I can only write early in the morning.
I let an idea rumble around in my head until it calls out to be written down. I  make notes in a notebook that is always with me, as the mulling process advances. Once I know the theme i.e. poverty/homelessness book “View from the Tent” I allowed the interaction of the two main characters to tell the story of Atreus.
In the novels I tell the stories as I think my friends would like them told if we were all sitting together over a few jars. I have travelled and lived in many of the places I write about so my travel notes have helped. In “Under the Spider Tree” I wrote a lot about the Aboriginal community, the Cape York Peninsula, the critters, the land and the personal story of Jack and his family. These are all real people, so when I get into the personal stuff, I always check with them on the accuracy of those references and stories.

Contact me:  mbarrettmiller@yahoo.com or at letkidsbekids@mac.com if you have any questions.

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Next Week Author.
Clare McKay has a MA in Humanities from California State University and has taught history and writing for the past 25 years while freelancing as a copy editor and penning three novels. She writes what she likes to read – stories with believable characters facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and hopefully finding love. Clare has lived with her family in the Pacific Northwest for the past 20 years, but her heart is still in Texas where she will soon retire to be a “full-time” writer.
Her post will appear on her blog: http://www.claremckay.com/clares-world

View from the Tent

    “View from the Tent”

is the story of one man broken by an event in his life that leads him down the trail to homelessness. Its an unusual tale because it’s told through an exchange of notes between me and Atreus, a pseudonym chosen by the homeless man. These exchanges bring the reader into the story line and the changes that take place in his life, and at the various camps, where he hunkered down. A Seattle actor, Dan Niven, has volunteered his time to do readings of the book at events where the book is the center of a fund raising event. The book is sold wholesale to the group, they mark it up, and sell it at the gathering. I was recently told that the book has generated about $60,000.00 in donations over the last year. Let Kids Be Kids and Dan Niven receive nothing from the sale of the book or the presentation done by Mr. Niven.

Book can be downloaded from iTunes or a traditional copy can be ordered from Lulu Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc.


View from the Tent


June 2016. Seattle actor Dan Niven is presenting his adaptation of two stories, David & Johnny, from the book “Ice” at the Eclectic Theater on 16, 17 & 18 June. He hopes those hearing the stories will keep an open mind to the ongoing challenges of those facing the daily fear, loneliness and isolation that so often accompanies a terminal diagnosis. Help if you can with support via Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.



shares the courageous and hopeful stories of many I have known, and know, who have suffered the devastation of a HIV/AIDS diagnosis. The book is full of amazing people who have brought into my life a fullness I never would have imagined 26 years ago when I first got involved with the ‘community.” The book has been embraced by a number of nursing schools, AIDS support organizations and other non profits dealing with the sick, lonely and abandoned. Most satisfying of all is how the book has been received by those who know the people I wrote about-

Book can be downloaded  through iTunes or ordered  as a traditional book through Lulu Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc.