Coming Christmas 2018.

Oo-roo is a Aboriginal term loosely meaning “see ya.” It has other meanings and usages but its use here is the “See ya” meaning.

Five previous novels #2 Molesworth Street, Under the Spider Tree, Slaughterhouse Creek, A Day Without Stars and Beyond the Black Stump have told the tales of four men who work together when conventional Intelligence methods might fail. Two work for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, one for Mi6 and one for Directorate of Military Intelligence (G2) in Ireland.  Stiúrthóireacht na Faisnéise
The books are subtitled “Life in the Shadows” which aptly describes how each character leads a double life.
Life in the Shadows” as we all had more than one “boss” while we lived in Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia. I’ve written these books for my friends who knocked around Eastern Europe, Europe and Australia working in service to their countries, families and friends. They know the stories.
I hope that others will enjoy the adventure and uniqueness of locations and characters.

This book tells the story of why the group dispersed. Their last adventure together is camouflaged within modern events, particularly the Brexit challenge presently impacting everyone in the UK, The Republic of Ireland and many countries around the world. As I told a friend who lives in Guatemala the action in “A Day Without Stars” happened, but it didn’t happen in Guatemala. Likewise with this book.





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