June 2016. Seattle actor Dan Niven is presenting his adaptation of two stories, David & Johnny, from the book “Ice” at the Eclectic Theater on 16, 17 & 18 June. He hopes those hearing the stories will keep an open mind to the ongoing challenges of those facing the daily fear, loneliness and isolation that so often accompanies a terminal diagnosis. Help if you can with support via Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.



shares the courageous and hopeful stories of many I have known, and know, who have suffered the devastation of a HIV/AIDS diagnosis. The book is full of amazing people who have brought into my life a fullness I never would have imagined 26 years ago when I first got involved with the ‘community.” The book has been embraced by a number of nursing schools, AIDS support organizations and other non profits dealing with the sick, lonely and abandoned. Most satisfying of all is how the book has been received by those who know the people I wrote about-

Book can be downloaded  through iTunes or ordered  as a traditional book through Lulu Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc.



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